Payment and Taxes

Please complete a Personal Information Change Form and submit it to our office if you have changed addresses.  Advising us of your change of address will ensure that you receive your T4A and any other correspondence in a timely manner.


Pension Payments

Monthly pension payments are made on the last business day of each month by direct deposit to your bank account.


Pension payment dates for 2021 are as follows:

January 29, 2021

February 26, 2021

March 31, 2021

April 30, 2021

May 31, 2021

June 30, 2021

July 30, 2021

August 31, 2021

September 30, 2021

October 29, 2021

November 30, 2021

December 31, 2021


Payment confirmation statements are not issued every month.  You will receive a statement the month your pension payment begins.  After that you will only receive a statement if there is a change to your net payment amount.


For security reasons we do not accept changes to banking information over the phone.  To change the account to which your pension payment is deposited please complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form, attach a void cheque or confirmation of account information from your Canadian financial institution, and forward them to our office.


To ensure that your payment is deposited to your new account in the current month please submit changes prior to the 15th of the month.  We cannot guarantee that requests received after the 15th of the month will result in the funds being deposited to your new account in that month.


We advise that you keep your old bank account open until your payment has been deposited to your new account for the first time.


Receiving Your Pension Abroad

If you live outside of Canada and do not have a Canadian bank account to which your payment can be deposited, you will receive your payment by cheque payable in Canadian dollars.


If you will be travelling or living elsewhere than your place of residence on file for an extended period of time it is a good idea to inform Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc. of your plans and address in case you need to be contacted or if you want correspondence to be sent to your foreign residence while you are away.


Please note that the income tax deducted from your employer and government pensions may be affected by your new country of residence.  It is a good idea to investigate with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) prior to your departure.




At retirement you were required to complete both Federal and Provincial income tax (TD1) forms to determine the amount of taxes that would be withheld from your pension.


To have more or less tax withheld from your pension, or if you move between provinces, you must complete new forms indicating the amount of tax you would like withheld and submit them to Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc.


Click here to download the Federal and Provincial TD1 forms.