About the Plan

As a target benefit pension plan, The Target Retirement Income Plan for the Regina Police Service provides eligible members with a retirement income based on a formula that takes into account the member’s earning history and length of service in the Plan. Unlike a defined benefit pension plan, the benefit can be changed. The Plan is designed to make changes to future benefits first, but benefits related to accrued service can also be changed. The Plan was established July 1, 2014 under the Trust Agreement for the Plan.


Some of the benefits of belonging to the Plan include:

• normal retirement at age 60 for Police members and age 65 for Civilian members;
• unreduced early retirement when age plus pensionable service total 80 years or more
• a lifetime monthly pension based on the average of the final 5 years of pensionable earnings multiplied by pension accrual factors of 1.26% up to the Canada Pension Plan Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE) and 2.00% for earnings above the YMPE;
• a temporary bridge benefit of 0.74% of the average of the highest final average 5 years of pensionable earnings up to the YMPE payable to age 65 for members who meet unreduced early retirement requirements;
• Ad-hoc cost of living adjustments at a rate of 1/2 of any increase  in the Consumer Price Index (Canada) year over year to a maximum of 3.00% in any one year;
• vesting in the Plan after two years of continuous service;
• termination benefits and portability options;
• survivor benefits before and after retirement; and
• continued accumulation of service while on disability.


Plan members contribute 6.8% of pensionable earnings up to the YMPE and 10.7% of pensionable earnings above the YMPE. The employer contributes a combined rate of 8.5% on all pensionable earnings.


Plan Membership




Investment Holdings

Assets of the Plan are actively managed in accordance with the Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures.



Asset Class Allocation at December 31, 2022: